Upcycled & Sale products

Upcycled Products

Upcycling of clothing often means taking something that doesn’t fit or is stained/torn and refashioning a wearable product from it.

At Swap Fashions, we take our Upcycling very seriously as it reuses materials that may otherwise end up in the landfill. So, if you notice the fabric of your top or dress turned into a new outfit, or being used as a lining for a bag, then you should be proud of yourself for giving a new life to your clothes and adding value to someone’s closet or home.

Sale Products

Sometimes we receive garments that are totally wearable, but have a minor imperfection which is barely visible to the naked eye; like a tiny snag, a faint stain or a missing bead. These garments are marked “imperfect” and have an asterisk preceding their description to make them easy to identify. Specific details about the flaw is mentioned in the product listing. Usually these flaws are too small to even be visible in the product photos.

Both our Upcycled and Sale Products can be bought at hugely discounted prices and you do not need any points to swap/buy them.

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