How it Works

You can start swapping by either requesting for a “Free Pick-up” of your clothes or by couriering your clothes on your own to us.

If you request for a free pick-up; you need to pack your items and seal them well. The weight of the parcel cannot exceed 2-3 kgs depending on which city you live in. You will then need to provide us the exact dimensions of your package (L*B*H). We will email you a label which you will need to take a print of and stick on your package. Our courier partner will have your package picked up on the same day or the next day.

You are allowed 2 more free pick-ups within a year.

If you have more stuff to swap, then it is advisable that you courier them on your own and earn 2000 points for the same. You can courier your stuff on SWAP FASHIONS, 15/16, Karamchand Mansion, Barrack Road, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400 020. Make sure to mention your name, email and mobile number on your package.

You can request a free pick-up/ choose to send the courier on your own by clicking here.

Western wear
Salwar suits and other Indian traditional wear
Costume Jewellery

Clothes (Boys & Girls) – From New Born to age 10
Accessories (Boys & Girls) – Head accessories, belts, bows, ties, socks and shoes.  Shoes ( only new ) up to age 5.

  • Items in poor condition, e.g. stained, faded, shrunk, altered, damaged, ripped, etc.
  • Dirty clothes (so make sure your clothes are freshly laundered)

All items received by us go through a strict filtration process and only items that are almost new or gently used and in excellent condition will earn you points.

Points are awarded on a fair basis keeping in mind the brand, quality and style of the product. Points granted to each item will be at a complete discretion of SWAP Fashions.

Any item sent by you which does not fall in the ‘What we Accept list’ or is damaged/ stained (even if slightly) will be sent for upcycling or be marked as “Imperfect”. You will earn only 250 points for any item of yours which is sent for upcycling or is marked ‘imperfect’. Whether an item falls in the ‘What we Accept’ list or in the Upcycled/ Imperfect list is at Swap Fashions’ discretion.
If the item is too damaged even for upcycling, then the same will be donated to NGOs which collect clothes for recycling. You do not earn any points for an item which is sent for donation. So ladies make sure you only send in the good stuff!

Please note that it is in our interest too to select as many items as possible and award as many points as possible to ensure you swap more. So be rest assured that we will do our best to award you the maximum points possible.

Items which are slightly damaged and have scope for repairs are upcycled to increase their shelf life; ex. a damaged dress may be converted into a skirt, etc.

Some garments that are totally wearable, but have a minor imperfection which is barely visible to the naked eye; like a tiny snag, a faint stain or a missing bead. These garments are marked “imperfect” and have an asterisk (*) preceding their description to make them easy to identify. Specific details about the flaw are mentioned in the product listing. These flaws are usually too small to even be visible in the product photos.

With your points you can swap as many items as you like alongwith a 25% Handling Fee (“HF”).

For eg. If you have selected a dress worth 2000 points, your total will be 2000 points (redeemable) + 25% Handling Fee (Rs. 500) = Rs. 500 (Total)

In case you are falling short of points, then you need not worry, you can pay the shortfall at checkout or choose to buy the item in INR via the link provided in the item description. 

Shipping Fee is a nominal Rs.49/- per transaction.  Items will be delivered to you within 3-5 working days of placing the order.

If you need to return an item for any reason, you need to intimate us of the same within 24 hours of receipt of the item to you. We will have the item picked up from you by our courier partner. If the item is received by us in the exact condition as it was sent to you, all points that you redeemed against the item will be credited to your account once again. However, we will retain an amount of Rs. 100 from the Handling Fee and the rest of the Handling Fee will be refunded to you.

So enjoy a whole new wardrobe for pennies and if you get bored of wearing your swapped items then swap them again with us in exchange for an infinite closet.

To clarify any further doubts, please see the FAQS

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