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Hello Ladies,

Every year around Diwali when I would clean and de-clutter my cupboards, I would be left with atleast 3-4 bags (the size of the biggest black garbage bag) with tons of clothes that I had not worn for the last one year or had no intention to wear in the future. Being a Dispute Resolution Lawyer from Mumbai, most of my clothes were western formal wear from good brands which would either not fit me, were out of style or had been repeated too many times. It was a dilemma each year to get rid of these clothes as donating them or passing them over did not mean they were actually being utilised, moreover, it also meant wasting all that money spent on buying them.

I was aware that all my friends, family, colleagues and most women from upper middle class / middle class families dealt with the same issue as we have all doubled/ tripled the number of clothes we own as compared to a generation above us. We cannot be blamed as not only have the clothes become cheaper but there is also this constant pressure to look and dress our best at all times. Yes, we have all been fashion victims. However, we cannot shy away from the consequences that cheap and fast fashion have on our environment and on our pockets.

Swap Fashions has been started as a possible solution to the above situation for women who not just want to be Fashionable but who want to be Responsibly Fashionable.

Happy swapping!

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